Louise & Angelo Capozzi, California-USA

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“Rosa was a fabulous guide—everything was beautifully arranged, she totally took care of us. I had asked for a very active trip, we are active seniors–and she really gave us some great walks and one wonderful hike in the country up to a castle. I highly recommend Rosa with Just Explore–she’s personable, fun, warm, and has a nice sense of humor. Can’t imagine covering Andalusia in any better way than with Rosa. She arranged for well informed guides for all the special places that we visited, we loved the lunches that were planned and enjoyed the idea of having our larger meal at lunch time so we didn’t have to wait for so late at night to eat Spanish style. I loved the drives through the beautiful rolling countryside. The most beautiful, scenic day was a surprise to us we knew nothing about Ronda. It’s about a 2 hour fantastic drive from Sevilla driving close to the mountains. It’s a charming old town, and I recommend it highly for a day trip. We had the opportunity of seeing the massive gorge that was formed by an earthquake that occurred millions of years ago, and then we had a delicious lunch overlooking one of the mountain lakes. A very special day. We went to a sensational Flamenco show in Seville that included a delicious dinner, drink, wine—fun evening. Hard to say which historic site was our favorite, they were all beautiful—we did learn a lot of Spanish history—hope it stays in my mind.”

Louise & Angelo
Tiburon, CA
Spring 2016

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