Susan Holzman & Family, Boston-USA

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“Once we decided to travel to Andalucia, I researched three travel advisors and it quickly became evident that Rosa Lara and Just Explore Holidays was the right choice. Rosa’s grasp of our unique interests and travel preferences was immediately evident, and her recommendations for sight seeing, special excursions, destinations, hotel accommodations, when to take a train and when to rent a car were all on target. Rosa requested a Skype conversation early in the planning phase, which enhanced our working relationship and enabled her to get to know us a little better when customizing the experience for us. She effectively and meticulously planned an itinerary that allowed appropriate time to experience each city/village, and minimized jumping to different hotels during our time in Andalusia. Her pre-travel itinerary was very thorough, including  all details related to accommodations, ground transporation, car rental, as well as restaurant recommendations, hiking excursions and sights to visit on the self-guided portion of our trip. Rosa is delightful – warm, personable, attentive, responsive and very in tune with her clients. Meeting her in person was a true pleasure. She also checked in on us at various points within our journey… even when we were in another part of Spain that we planned independently.The difference between working with Just Explore Holidays and a U.S.-based tour operator is significant. Rosa lives (and spent her life) in the region, has personally vetted and established relationships with related travel suppliers in the area, and has personal, in-depth knowledge of each place we visited, the culture, the tiniest mountain villages, and the most beautiful, small beaches, and this can not be matched. After this experience I would absolutely recommend Just Explore Holidays”

Susan Holzman & family
Andover, MA
Spring 2016

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