Deb Gochfeld & family, Mississippi USA

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“Rosa was a pleasure to work with from beginning to end.  I contacted her by email to arrange a custom trip to Spain for my parents, husband and me.  We interacted a few times by email and Skype to arrange exactly the trip we wanted within the requested price range and she did a marvelous job.  We really appreciated all of the personal attention, including her meeting us at the train station in Cordoba, getting us to our hotel and giving us an introductory walking tour of the city.  She also spent an entire day with us, providing our transfer from Sevilla to Ronda (the latter, her recommendation and a must-see town that we’d never heard of) and showing us some lovely scenery, villages and a wonderful lunch along the way.  She then stayed into the evening to give us a walking tour of Ronda.  She is a wealth of knowledge and recommendations, and we thoroughly enjoyed every moment she spent with us.  She also found us wonderful accommodations, arranged convenient transfers and incredibly knowledgeable guides, including one who knew something about birds (not even a specific request but she could tell it was of interest to us and he took us to a lovely bird sanctuary along our route).  We all had a wonderful time and highly recommend working with her again”

Deb Gochfeld
Mississippi, USA
Spring 2016

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