Aarathi Reddy, NY-USA

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“Our recent trip to Southern Spain was one of the most enjoyable trips to Europe to date.  We visited the following cities over a 10 day period: Grenada, Cordoba, Sevilla, Ronda, Malaga, and Madrid.  Booking through Just Explore was a seamless experience and the careful attention to detail carried out by its Director Rosa Lara ensured that everything was executed flawlessly.  Rosa took care of everything end to end including all transfers and logistics, curating a very unique itinerary, picking great centrally, located hotels in each city, selecting informed local guides in each city, and choosing fantastic restaurants that we would not have found ourselves.  I personally like the ease of a guided tour, as I don’t want to have to make the multiple arrangements on my own or constantly be worried about trip logistics.  However, I’ve been on other guided tours with large tour operators and I find them to be very impersonal and the schedule too regimented.  Rosa ensured that we had a very relaxed pace but were still able to pack in a lot of activities along the way.  I also preferred the smaller and more intimate size of the group.
The entire trip was amazing, but my personal favourites included the Alhambra in Granada, and visiting a local family owned winery and farm cooperative where we could watch grapes being pressed to begin the wine production process. I personally felt a lot of confidence in knowing that Rosa had vetted every part of the experience from checking out each hotel in advance to carefully selecting top quality entertainment options. I am looking forward to booking another Spain vacation with Just Explore and I would recommend them to anyone who chooses Spain as their travel destination”Aarathy Reddy
New York, USA
Summer 2016

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