Gail & Mike Fry, Florida-USA

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“We were originally planning to join a small group tour to Spain, but the dates did not work for our schedule. We found Just Explore online and from the beginning we worked closely with Rosa Lara, the tour designer. With only a few phone conversations were able to put together our dream of going to Spain. Rosa was very helpful in selecting accommodations, tours and activities that would suit any lifestyle.
Spain was absolutely marvelous, and every aspect of the trip exceeded our expectations. She was great to check in with us each day, and to assure that the accommodations and tours met our needs. We are happy to say that each day was a new adventure and even greater than we imagined it could be. She was efficient and thorough and absolutely delightful to work with. The hotel choices were fantastic in regards to location, as well as the rooms. The local specialist tour guides were very knowledgeable and entertaining and made the trip enjoyable. They helped us experience the culture, history and arts of Spain, as well as the cuisine. The drivers were top notch and had extremely clean cars. We can’t say enough about about Rosa and this wonderful itinerary of travel. She is efficient, professional, polite and informative. This allowed us to relax and soak up the beauty and wonders of Spain. Honestly, we feel like this was the most organized tour we have been on and we covered more ground than we could have alone”

Gail & Mike
Pensacola, Florida
Autumn 2016

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