John Gearhart, PA, USA

“This past summer I engaged Just Explore to provide an itinerary and all the arrangements for a vacation tour in Andalucia and Madrid with my 14 years old daughter. It was on very short notice and I was concerned as to whether we could get desired accommodations, guides, travel reservations (rail, car, air), etc., but it all went extremely well.  Rosa Lara worked quickly to suggest itineraries.  The final recommended itinerary worked out well logistically, giving us plenty of time for sightseeing, personal guided tours, time to explore on our own and time for relaxation.  The drivers and guides were personable, helpful and the guides passionate about their venues.  There were no glitches of any kind.  Many thanks to Rosa for an enjoyable trip and we appreciated her checking in with us along the way as we did have to make a few minor changes (due to our wishes) and these were done smoothly.

John Gearthart
Summer 2016

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