Bernadette’s family, Kentucky-USA

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“My two daughters and I have just gotten home from the most wonderful trip we have every taken.  It was a trip we did not want to end.  We did not want to return home, we wanted to stay in Spain.  Rosa Lara from Just Explore planned an outstanding trip for us.  We will be forever grateful to her for all her had work responsible for planning this wonderful and unique trip for us.
We visited six cities on our journey through Andalusia.  We learned about olives and the production of olive oil by visiting an olive orchard.  We visited two wineries learning about the cultivation of both white and red grapes.  The events that Rosa included in our itinerary were both because we requested them and some that she suggested that  we were thrilled to include.  The Flamenco in Seville was breath taking and the food tasting tour in Madrid was lots of fun.  The hotels that Rosa arranged for us were all conveniently located, very comfortable, picturesque, and quaint.  I could go on and on…. The only change to our trip we would have made would be to have made it longer.  We will return to Spain and when we do we will ask Rosa Lara to plan another trip for us”

Kentucky, USA
Summer 2017

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