Deb Wiliams & friends, Missouri

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“I want to tell about this whole trip experience by jumping up and down and shouting out loud how wonderful it was! I planned this trip for 2 years as it was on several of my girlfriends bucket list. I had to pick the right trip for 6 individual ladies and I am so thankful we were put in touch with Rosa Lara!
She made us feel comfortable from day one, from the airport to the end with going back to the airport to make sure we got on the plane with no problems.
We stayed in two places as our central points, one in the country (beautiful B&B) and one in the city, (cute apartments!) both were outstanding and completing different from one another.
We ate at wonderful restaurants, from roof top views, to a winery in the middle of the vineyards where the owner’s mother cooked for us!  We love you Rosa and your wonderful guidance. Truly so a trip of a lif time!”

Deb Williams
Missouri, US
Spring 2017


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