Margaret & Bill, Vancouver-Canada

“We both wish to thank Rosa Lara so much for the wonderful personalized itinerary she organized for Bill and me from Oct 9th – Oct 24th 2017 when we were exploring Andalusia for the first time.  Our plans kept changing during the planning phase for various reasons but Rosa Lara was patient, flexible and gentle in guiding us to find an itinerary, which gave us a great perspective of the history and beauty of Southern Spain.
Rosa Lara was vivacious, flexible and loved the Spain she grew up in. She spoke English fluently which made communication much easier. She was available and sensitive to our needs and remained in contact. The App she used to provide us with all the trip details, including air and railway tickets, boarding passes, hotel and background information we needed  was easy to use and extremely useful as all the information and contacts were on my iPhone whenever they were needed.. and so we carried very little paper. What a wonderful travel organizer app with inspiring photos accompanying the information!
 Thank you Rosa Lara for helping us to have so many great memories of Andalusia”
Margaret & Bill
Vancouver, Canada
Autumn 2017


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