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Córdoba and the Albolafia Sotos

Roman Bridge and Mosque, Córdoba

Sotos de la Albolofia, Córdoba


The natural area of the Albolafa Sotos is located in the Guadalquivir River as it passes through Córdoba, limited by the Roman Bridge and the Bridge of San Rafael. It comprises a surface of 21,36 hectares where you can fnd a series of food plains, islands, large masses of riparian vegetation and remains of Arabic origin four mills and waterwheel (Albolafa is one of them and therefore the name) This area benefts of ideal conditions to home birds associated with wet lands. It has been catalogued up to 120 species, most of protected birds that use this place as a wintering area, as staging posts along their migration cycles or as a mating area. Therefore, the location of the Albolafa Sotos was declared protected natural area in 2001.

In addition to this nature activity, the program includes a guided visit to the Mosque-Cathedral and the Jewish quarter of Córdoba, both declared Unesco heritages. Cordoba was the capital of Hispania Ulterior during the Roman Republic, the capital of Hispania Baetica during the Roman Empire and the capital of the Islamic Caliphate of Córdoba. It has been estimated that in the 10th century Córdoba was the most populous city in the world, and under the rule of Caliph Al Hakam II it had also become a centre for education under its Islamic rulers. During about three centuries Córdoba had become the intellectual centre of Europe and was also noted for its predominantly Muslim society that was tolerant toward its Christian and Jewish minorities.


Mosque of Córdoba

Mosque of Córdoba

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