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Montilla-Moriles Wine Region


Solera system


Montilla is the center of this Denomination of Origine wine zone. The winemaking history of this area dates back to the Romans and the Moors and it's quite possible the oldest in Andalucia. The landscape here is dry and the soil is a blinding white Albariza (white marl composed of clay, calcium and marine fossils). Its excellent moisture retention is very signifcant as this area is hotter than almost any where else in Spain .
The main white grape variety of this area is the worldwide known Pedro Ximenez. With a delicate skin and high sugar content, the wine that are made from it, reach up to 14 and 16% alcohol, leaving behind plenty of residual sugar. They are then matured using the solera system and classifed into the following styles: Joven (young and fruity), Fino (dry and nutty), Oloroso (richer and heavier), Amontillado (gradually oxidated) and Pedro Ximenez (sweet and thick, honoring the actual grape name)



Montilla Wines

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